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A communications agency with great insight into the North Atlantic region

Communcation and marketing

Up Front Communication is a communications and marketing specialist with a deep involvement in the North Atlantic Market. Up Front Communication, and the Greenlandic based subsidiary Up Front Greenland, has since 2010 assisted both private and public clients in the North Atlantic with business communications and communication strategies.

Hans Bak

Owner and Director

Hans Bak is the driving force behind Up Front Communication. Hans Bak has worked with communication and marketing in the North Atlantic since 2010, drawing on more than 30 years of experience within this field. Years that have included a large variety of clients – counting large international brands – and roles as communications director.

Hans Bak has a successful track-record of developing new media products with a robust and sustainable approach. Keeping a close eye on areas where companies, organizations or regions can benefit in valuable ways from a sharp communications strategy and clear marketing of their key messages.

Hans Bak has an extensive business network portfolio and is likely to be found at international tradeshows and conferences.

Up Front Communication in Copenhagen

Up Front Communication is based at the scenic Nordatlantens Brygge marina area, in the middle of Copenhagen – within the North Atlantic House.

Here you’ll also find the Greenlandic Representation office, The Faeroe Island Representation Office and the Icelandic embassy.

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