Bank Nordik Bakker op om erhvervsudvikling
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BankNordik backs future business development

Active participation in the local community and close knowledge of business life and visionary entrepreneurs equips BankNordik to support future business development.

The Greenlandic economy has long been in a state of growth in which a significant number of newcomers to the country and the need for external manpower have left their mark, both in the form of a rapidly changing skyline, and in the increasingly international workplaces and construction sites. At BankNordik, Country Manager Jesper Hansen confirms that the international economic developments of the past year are clearly visible in the street scene.

“There are many construction cranes in motion, and a new city school, new institutions, lots of housing and new infrastructure are being built. But not as many new projects are being launched as in previous years, so the activity will eventually slow down – but from a high level,” he says.

An experienced player

BankNordik has more than a century’s experience in helping both individuals and businesses to realise their potential and achieve financial security and growth. The bank’s solid experience and broad competence enables it to advise companies in Greenland on both simple and complex financial issues.

BankNordik’s head office in Greenland is located in Nuuk, from where its advisors frequently travel to Sisimiut, Ilulissat, Qaqortoq and Aasiaat, amongst other places, both to meet with customers and to keep up to date on local business developments.

The development of Greenland’s digital infrastructure in recent years has also brought the bank closer to its customers along the coast, in part because it is now entirely normal to hold a quick meeting over the Internet rather than waiting until you can meet face to face.


Advice for entrepreneurs

BankNordik’s Greenlandic customer portfolio ranges from private customers and self-employed people in fishing and tourism, all the way up to the very biggest companies. In recent years, the bank has also helped several entrepreneurs to realise their ideas in such areas as fisheries and the marine industry, tourism, trade, logistics and transport, and, most recently, horticulture.

Greenland has always had many self-employed people, but the idea of combining different business forms to develop entirely new commercial areas is relatively new. This is a development from which BankNordik expects a lot.

“I believe and hope that others will be inspired when they see ambitious ideas getting off the ground. And at BankNordik, we’re ready to engage in dialogue with visionary entrepreneurs about their business plans, and quickly get them off to a good start,” says Jesper Hansen.

Strong local knowledge facilitates dialogue

But there is plenty of room for more good ideas, and with its strong local knowledge, BankNordik is ready to catch the ball.

“We are an active part of the community, both as a bank and as individuals. Our advisors have high seniority and many years of experience in providing business advice in Greenland, and they know what it takes to get things started and build up a credible business. At the same time, we pride ourselves on being accessible and easy to talk to. That makes the process easier and smoother for everyone. We can for example quickly assess whether there is a basis for a business plan. That’s something that our customers greatly appreciate,” says Jesper Hansen.

“Healthy banking is not just about moving cash from A to B, but about trust between people,” he concludes.

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