Hans Bak
Owner and Director


Business Approach

Business focused and Insightful dialog, fortifies strategic communication and proficient performance

  • B2B & B2C communication and dedicated market exposure
  • Strategic advisory on product/business or overall development
  • Business case maturing and general consulting
  • Market analysis, profiling and feasibility reporting

Communication with an IMPACT

Communication has never been a one-way street

Market and client understanding comes from listening and asking the right questions. Genuine impactful communication is based on thorough knowledge of both messenger, message and receiver. And communication must align with action – or else it’s just talk.  



From complex to simple

Simplifying doesn’t have to equal dumbing-down. Information overload is a true hazard of the daily working environment. As such, Up Front Communication’s vision is to condense complex matters into clear to-the-point messages. Identify the key message, getting to the point and working from that.  


Strategy and tactics

A holistic approach based on client needs

Any project needs attention to detail and the interconnected parts, but also a broad strategic outlook. Up Front Communication works with clients to secure that the overall goals are met, alongside the detailed milestones.   


A qualified and capable team

The right people for the job

Up Front Communication partners up in consortiums with related companies in seeking the strongest team fitted for client needs. As such, in-house capabilities can be bolstered through partnerships precisely suited to respective projects.