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For more than a decade, Up Front Communication has helped businesses to refine their communication and convey their message

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Strategic advisory on B2B & B2C communication and market exposure

Working with clients to reach customers, be it other businesses or private consumers, is another strong competency within Up Front Communication.

Marketing and branding are not straight forward exercises and to succeed you need a clear strategy. We consult on what may (or may not) work in different scenarios in terms of framing your product, your business and profile.

We know how to make an impact and reach your audience. 

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Call-for-investments facilitation

Based on years of experience Up Front Communication supports project and investment needs with strategic communication.

We highlight the logic behind the project while providing a clear communicative platform firmly anchored in the overall strategy. Custom-made solutions are provided both in the form of publications, strategic consulting and project management.

We connect the dots between stakeholders within marketing and communications. A call for investors requires a clear and concise message.

This is what we deliver to our clients.

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Market analyses and feasibility reports

Up Front Communication has delivered several reports including market analyses and feasibility studies.

Generally, these have had a solid focus on the communications aspect, but not exclusively.

These projects have included both desktop-studies as well as qualitative and quantitative surveys and data analysis.      

Executive, stakeholder and network relations

With an extensive networks (formal and informal), particular in the North Atlantic, Greenland and Denmark Up Front Communication can help put you in touch with the people you want to meet.

Be it for partnerships, subcontractors or new customers. Relations management builds on trust, time and mutual interests.

Up Front Communication has these relations with many high-level executives, leaders and stakeholders throughout the mentioned regions – and can help you get these too.     

We believe

…that business focused and insightful dialog, fortifies strategic communication and improves performance. Up Front Communication’s services can be tailored to local, national and/or international agendas, and we work within a wide range of sectors, both private and public – including:

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