A midday summer view over Igaliku in South Greenland
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Once-in-a-lifetime experiences are in demand

As a travel destination, Greenland has never been more in demand – and Greenland Travel securely leads the way to unique destinations and opens the door to great adventures

Greenland Travel is the biggest travel agency specialising in Greenland. With decades of experience in the country behind it, and a finger on the pulse of even the most remote destinations, the agency is the obvious choice for those who crave the great Arctic adventure.

The travel agency is a subsidiary of the Air Greenland Group, and thus has a firmly anchored base in a well-established Greenlandic chain of value. This provides synergies right across the organisation – from airline services and great accommodation deals to travel agency. Most importantly of all, it gives the customers advantages, security and 360-degree service – from booking your adventure until you are in the midst of it, and your return journey.

“Greenland Travel is integrated in Greenland. We know the country, we know the culture and there’s hardly a place we haven’t been in this vast land. We have Greenland in our thoughts and in our hearts – from our involvement in local issues and our support for social projects to our great desire to reveal the country’s beauty and hospitality to all travellers. Fortunately, we are currently seeing a significant increase in interest in Greenland, and many travellers who wish to experience the country’s great beauty and unique possibilities,” says Peter Bastrup, Managing Director.

Greenland Travel experienced its best-ever season in the summer of 2022, and visiting the country is now more popular than ever. This does not just apply to summer tourism, but also to the offers and experiences to be found in the transition periods and winter season.

Arctic Excursions — an integrated partnership with local tour operators

From whale watching, fjord cruises among icebergs and glaciers, heliskiing, flight-seeing and dog sledding to fishing and hunting, northern lights trips, hiking, visiting the ice cap, culinary experiences, excursions to historical landmarks, photo tourism and much more – Greenland has it all. There are plenty of tour operators and guides, too, but it has not always been easy to connect those who wish to experience these things with those who would like to show them.

Oplevelser på Grønland

Many Greenlandic operators are small businesses, and it can be difficult to differentiate your company and create visibility with a small website in a cyber sea of information and search results. Similarly, running a manageable booking and scheduling function can be challenging for a small business – especially when your time is best spent with the customer, and on the adventure. It can also be difficult for customers who do not want a completely pre-arranged package to see what options are available. Greenland Travel has done something about this in 2022.

“In 2022, we launched our online platform and app Arctic Excursions. This is a whole new integration solution that connects tour operators and visitors much more closely. Not everyone wants to go on a package tour in Greenland, and this solution makes it much easier for operators to offer and sell excursions through a unified and well-designed platform with high visibility,”  Peter Bastrup adds.

A single sales platform under the Air Greenland group

The Air Greenland group standards define the requirements towards the individual operators, and the legal responsibility ultimately also lies with Arctic Excursions. For the customer, this means a guaranteed high level of quality and safety.

Each operator’s excursions are marketed and sold under their own name through Arctic Excursions, and when a customer books a flight on the Air Greenland website, they also automatically receive a link to the platform.

For operators, this means a unified and professionally run portal where their products can be presented in the best possible way. The website can also handle sales, payments and the issuing of tickets and vouchers, while the app is aimed at operators, who can use it for self-service in the case of changes, and for rapid communication with customers.

“We will gladly provide individual operators with advice on marketing or, for example, how to meet the requirements for cooperation. The pricing, images and descriptions are up to the operators themselves, but here we are also happy to advise. We are in close dialogue with many suppliers in Greenland, and several of them actually use the platform for their own product management, planning and quality assurance,” says Peter Bastrup.

Makes it easy to find and book experiences – including the impulsive ones

Arctic Excursions helps to promote the many offers in Greenland – including, to a large extent, those outside the major tourist magnets like Ilulissat and Nuuk. The increased visibility also makes it easier for visitors to discover what possibilities are available from day to day.

“For our operator partners there is of course a back-end tool, which provides an overview of upcoming tasks, trip scheduling and contact with customers. For travellers, the platform can be used to search for here-and-now experiences in the same way as, for example, Momondo or booking.com,” explains Peter Bastrup.

Arctic Excursions is thus not only a tool to support, develop and market the business model of Greenlandic operators, but also a platform that opens up entirely new and flexible opportunities for visitors to the country. Greenland is experiencing unprecedented interest at the present time, and it is now easier than ever to go on an adventure in the vast Arctic world.

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