Business in Greenland

An established platform for targeted business communication and business opportunities for global investors and partners

In an alliance with the Greenland Business Association (GE), Up Front Communication’s subsidiary Up Front Greenland has produced the annual business magazine “Business in Greenland” since 2010.

The magazine is published in both English and Danish and distributed via the leading Danish business newspaper Børsen, at international conferences, embassies and representation offices as well as being an inflight magazine on Air Greenland’s international flights.

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Danish edition // 2022-23



Danish and english edition // 2021-22



Danish and English edition // 2020-21



Danish and English edition // 2019-20



Danish and English edition // 2018-19



Danish and English edition // 2017-18

Danish and English edition // 2016-17

2015 edition

2014 edition

2013 edition

2012 edition

2011 edition